About Us
A Hobby Becomes A Lifestyle

It all began with our father. Long before he thought of his three sons, his wife, or the business that would stand for over three decades, he thought about cars. My father spent his youth cruising with car clubs and hanging around the corner garage. This lead to the natural progression of every responsible hot rodder, build a car to race.

In 1971 the doors opened at the first location of White's Auto & Speed Supply. A hobby was then changed into a lifestyle. The new business would eventually grow to become the largest machine shop and independent auto parts supplier in central New York with four locations through out the area.

The lifestyle is passed on

My two brothers and I were raised in the world of racing. Most weekends were spent traveling to and from racetracks through out the east cost while the weeks were spent preparing for the next race. Our first jobs would be stocking shelves and checking in inventory at the business locations. Our fist hobbies would be wrenching on our bikes, ATV's, snowmobiles and motorcycles. All of which seemed to need constant repair from the long hours of abuse they received on a regular basis.

All three of us have now moved on to the sport that started it all. Each of us compete weekly at the local tracks searching for a way to shave a couple thousands off the ET or pick up a MPH or two. It could be coincidence or dad may have planned it but the family has developed in to a three car team.